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The school day is progressing as usual at Westlake High School today. The Eanes school district took extra safety precautions last night and this morning in response to a threat left in graffiti in one of the high school girls’ restrooms yesterday morning.

Before WHS students arrived for classes this morning, local law enforcement officers and canine units conducted a search and secure and cleared the building as safe. At noon, district administrators announced that the school was operating normally, except for the increased security in and around the campus. Cooperating local law enforcement agencies provided extra police patrols for the school last night.

“We are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our students and staff, following our emergency plans, working with law enforcement and staying vigilant,” said Claudia McWhorter, district communications director.

District Superintendent Nola Wellman sent an email to WHS parents at 9 p.m. yesterday, alerting them that a threat had been found in graffiti in a school restroom. Wellman did not specify what was written in the graffiti, but termed it a “potential safety threat” to the school.

Lake Travis School District parents and school administrators experienced a similar trouble after finding a threatening message on the bottom of a stool in the Lake Travis High School library on April 25. “That message read, “There will be blood 4/26/13.” Lake Travis Superintendent Brad Lancaster reported no security incidents that day.


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