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Westlake High School 13th annual Don’t Des(sert) the Arts at Westlake High School on May 2 from 6-7:30 p.m. includes work by, clockwise from top left, Maddie Pflueger, Tianzi Yang and Michelle Jacobsen.

Looking a chance to see the artistic mind in development and have a little slice of cake on the side? Then don’t miss the 13th annual Don’t Des(sert) the Arts at Westlake High School Thursday from 6-7:30 p.m.

The show will feature more than 300 student artwork pieces in every media – drawings, paintings, sculpture, prints, computer graphics, animation and photography – in the main library and student art gallery. A coinciding senior art show will run in the Uncommon Space Art Gallery. A smorgasboard of desserts make their way to the table for hungry art fans each year.

The event gives award-winning student artists the opportunity to showcase their work in a gallery setting and receive recognition for their talent, said Debbie Celusniak, a parent who stepped in to coordinate the show this year.

The extraordinary talent exhibited shocks many who see the student work for the first time each school year. This ain’t your average high school art exhibit.

“Seeing how far kids have progressed in their art work is one of my favorite parts of walking through the art show,” said WHS senior art student Natalia Russell. “Seeing so much potential in incoming sophomores inspires me to encourage more people to join Westlake’s art program.”
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