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Perfect score students 2013

ABOVE: Westlake High School junior Nicholas Gong Cen, left, earned a perfect score on his recent SAT college entry exam and junior Michael Bartmess earned a perfect score on his recent ACT exam. WHS senior Feiya Shi, not pictured,also earned a perfect score on her ACT. BELOW: Senior Feiya Shi both earned a perfect 36 on her ACT exams.Perfect score Sophie

Three Westlake High School students earned perfect scores on college entrance exams they took earlier this year.

Junior Michael Bartmess and senior Feiya Shi both earned a perfect 36 on their ACT exams, an accomplishment so rare it put them in the top tenth of the top 1 percent of ACT test takers in the country. The ACT exam covers four areas – English, math reading and science. To earn a 36 composite score, a student has to score perfectly in all four categories.

“My parents have always encouraged me to read a lot and be diligent in my studies, and I think that really rubbed off in taking the test,” said Bartmess, who hopes to go to MIT to study electrical engineering and computer science. “I think the ACT score will help my chances [to gain admission], but I suppose it all comes down to what they will be looking for at the time.”

Junior Nicolas Gong Cen scored a perfect 2400 on his SAT exam, earning perfect 800 scores in all three areas of writing, critical reading and math. That perfect score puts Cen in league with the top 20 percent of the top one percent of all students taking the SAT exam.

Gong was surprised by his perfect score.

“The hardest part for me was the essay part,” he said. “Taking SAT intensive classes helped me a lot with that.”

Westlake High School students in general outshone their state counterparts in ACT and SAT tests taken during the spring of 2012. The average score for Westlake students on ACT was 26.6, compared to a state average of 20.8. The average Westlake score for SAT was an estimated 1766 compared to a state average of 1467.


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