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Eanes school district superintendent Nola Wellman sent an email to Westlake High School parents at 9 p.m. Thursday to alert them to a threat made against the high school found in graffiti in a school restroom earlier in the day.

Wellman did not specify exactly what was written in the graffiti, but termed it a “potential safety threat” to the school.

She said the school has initiated safety protocols that include conducting a search of all classrooms and other areas of the high school, increasing law enforcement patrols at the school Thursday night, keeping all high school doors locked until 8 a.m Friday morning and increasing the presence of law enforcement at school throughout the school day Friday.

“All EISD campuses, including Westlake High School, have emergency plans, which are practiced routinely,” Wellman said. “The plans are in place so we are prepared for any type of emergency. We will continue to work with law enforcement on this situation and will send information as it is available.”
Similar threats have been reported in schools around the state, most recently in the Lake Travis school district, Wellman said. Classes will be held on a normal schedule tomorrow, but parents were advised to make informed decisions about sending their children to school.
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