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Photo by Dane Anderson

Engineer Harrison Hudson reports to the Rollingwood City Council about needed improvements to lift stations during a meeting on April 17 as City Attorney Doug Young, left, and Mayor Barry Bone look on.

Rollingwood City Council members approved a contract for a new city manager April 17.

Charles Winfield, the former city manager of Palacios, Texas, received unanimous City Council approval and will be offered a contract for a two-year term beginning April 22. His contract provides for an annual salary of $94,000 and a $6,000 car allowance. During his first 18 months, Winfield will work flexible hours until he and his family have moved into the area, Rollingwood Mayor Barry Bone said. The approved contract provides for termination with the payment of six months salary.

City Council members amended regulations during the April 17 meeting that define “family” and “dwelling” and restrict the number of unrelated persons living in residential properties. The new amendments limit the number of unrelated people dwelling in a residence to two and provide a more limited definition of how people can be related to each other. Under the new provisions if a residential property is rented in Rollingwood, the property must qualify as the place the “person primarily lives, sleeps and maintains possessions such as clothes.”

Council members also voted to allow Western Hills Girls Softball to sublet the Hatley Park ball fields to Westlake Youth Soccer Association for summer camps. City administrators now have the approval to spend up to $162,000 from a capital projects fund for improvements and equipment for lift stations. The funds will cover improvements to lift station one that include a pump, motor and other parts and equipment replacements. The council also approved up to $100,000 for the purchase of a mobile generator for a separate lift station.

The cost for speeding through the city is about to go up for those who pay their tickets with credit. The Council approved a 3 percent fee for credit card transactions to the municipal court. Council members also gave city administrators the approval to charge the maximum fee allowed by state law for payments to the city by checks returned for insufficient funds. The amount of that fee has yet to be determined.

There will soon be a new sign at the eastern entrance to the city courtesy of the Rollingwood Women’s Club. Council members gave the organization the thumbs up to start raising funds and obtaining cost estimates on the new entrance sign. Maintenance of plants around the project will be incorporated into the city’s weekly landscaping activities.

The City Council will continue discussions next month concerning new plans for pedestrian and automobile control during the Austin City Limits music festival in October. The city plans to hire additional police officers as the festival stretches across two weekends this year. Possible changes include dedicating the westbound side of Rollingwood Drive to pedestrian traffic and extending parking by permit only further into the city limits.

One of the biggest challenges police have faced during past festivals is keeping pedestrians safe, especially during heavy traffic after dark, Bone said.

The price tag for securing the city during ACL this year is estimated at $20,000 plus the cost of printing parking permits and administrative time.

“Any costs we incur we will be asking (for reimbursement) from C3,” said Alderwoman Susan Jenkins, who expressed confidence that the organization that puts on the annual event will cooperate to help the city fund their festival expenses.


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