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After five years of notable success, keyboard player and Westlake High School graduate AJ Vincent leaves the popular indie band The Bright Light Social Hour, heading into unchartered musical waters.

AJ Vincent, keyboard player for the indie golden child band The Bright Light Social Hour, has left the group. TBLSH removed him from the band in January, citing creative vision differences, Vincent said.

A blend of funk, soul, rock ‘n roll and pyschedelia, TBLSH formed in 2005 with bass player Jack O’Brien and guitarist Curtis Roush, adding replacement drummer Joseph Mirasole in 2007 and Vincent in 2008. Both Vincent and O’Brien are Westlake High School graduates.

“It is sad, but I have a lot of music in me, so it’s just a matter of changing on to the next thing,” Vincent said. “I’ve been hard at work at what is going to happen next.”

You can get a taste of Vincent’s new musical direction at soundcloud.com/a-j-vincent. One of the songs previewed on the site, “Kiss the Sun,” contains much of the pace, high-energy and strong beat found in the more iconic TBLSH songs.

TBLSH garnered numerous awards over the last four years, including the 2009 SXSW Best Indie Band, 2009 ACL Music Festival – The Sound and the Jury Winner and 2010 Rare Magazine Best New Band. In 2011, the band won an unprecedented six first-place awards during the SXSW music festival – Band of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Keyboards (Vincent), Best Bass (O’Brien) and Best Producer (Danny Reisch).

Differences in the perceived creative direction of the band became apparent while touring last year, TBLSH manager Alex O’Brien said.

Other members of the band felt that the time spent on the road together brought them closer together and deepened communication, but this didn’t hold true for the relationship with Vincent, O’Brien said.

“Moving on without him has allowed us to create more freely, and the last few months have been the most fruitful, creative and energized we’ve experienced yet,” he said.  “All of this aside, we wish A.J the best for his music to come.”

Currently out on tour, the band is expected back in town on April 21 to play an AMP fundraiser at the ACL Moody Theater along with Alejandro Escovedo, Erika Wennerstrom of Heartless Bastards, Shakey Graves and Mother Falcon.
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