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The rest of the field had no shot as the Westlake girls golf team clubbed the competition to take the Lauren Johnson Memorial Tournament title Saturday.

The Chaparrals topped Corpus Christi Moody and Victoria East to capture the tournament crown. The team was led by So Yun Jhang’s 89-76 165, Piper Rickard’s 89-77 166 and Jasmina Solankee’s 89-81 170, which landed all three in the top five.

Sumin Cha had a 90-84 174 and Angela Jin finished with a 92-84 176 at the two-day tournament. Jessica Grooms won the individual medalist division with a 96-95 191.

On Day 1 at Victoria Country Club, the Chaps shot a 357 for a commanding 17-stroke lead over CC Moody, and the team followed that up with an even better 318 on Day 2 at the Colony Creek Country Club.

“As usual, we had a wonderful time in Victoria and our girls made a great impression on everyone,” Westlake girls golf coach Chuck Nowland said. “One Victoria girl’s parents were so grateful their freshman daughter had a chance to play with Angela for two days and Jessica as well on Day 2. I told them we had six awesome seniors on this trip, and they said that must be a rare and special thing. They got that right.”

Next up, Westlake will play at McNeil’s Leslie Lane Memorial Tournament Feb. 25 at Lost Creek Country Club.
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