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Athletic director and football coach Darren Allman said the team is going through the process of evaluating and reviewing the current coaches on staff for the Chaparrals, which opened up when former coordinator Jeff Joseph left for an opportunity to join the staff at Texas A&M University last week.

Joseph was likewise promoted from within when he took over the position three years ago, and Allman prefers to promote from within.

“We’re certainly considering a promotion,” Allman said. “I feel all of our defensive position coaches are qualified to step into that spot. We’re in a situation now where we’ve got guys that have been through four seasons on our staff. They know our defense better than anyone I could bring in.

“We’re not looking to change what we’re doing.”

Once that position is filled, then Allman and the Chaps would look outside the school to fill the spot vacated by whichever coach earns the promotion.

“If I promote, we’ll do that pretty soon so we can move on and focus on who to hire and fill that spot,” Allman said. “I won’t drag it out any longer than I feel is necessary. “

The current defensive coaches on staff for the Westlake football program are: Brian Vasek, assistant head coach and defensive line, sixth year; Mark Schrutka, special teams coordinator, inside linebackers and head JV blue coach, third year; Jason Jones, outside linebackers and head JV red coach, fourth year; Mark Hurst, linebackers and freshman special teams coordinator, 32nd year; Sam Lunz, defensive backs and freshman red defense, first year; Phil Bounds, linebackers, defensive backs and athletic operations, fourth year; and Steven Womack, defensive line and strength & conditioning, fourth year.

Super alum

Westlake alum Justin Tucker will play in the world’s biggest game – the Super Bowl.

Tucker and the Baltimore Ravens defeated the favored New England Patriots 28-13 in the AFC Championship game Sunday.

The former University of Texas kicker wasn’t called upon to attempt a field goal in the win, but he was perfect on his extra-point kicks, 4-for-4, as he has been all season.

Although he won’t be playing in the game, there’s a good chance another former Westlake football player could be around the Super Bowl as the game is in New Orleans this year, the football home of former Chap and current Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

The game is set for 5:30 p.m. Feb. 3 and will be on CBS.


There are plenty of Westlake players still considering their options when it comes to playing at the next level, but seniors are still going through the process right now.

Senior kicker Michael Barden has an offer from Air Force, and Allman said he is strongly considering that.

“Michael will play somewhere,” Allman said. “He’s excited about that [offer], but he’s keeping his options open.”

Junior quarterback Jordan Severt has garnered more and more attention, especially after Westlake’s run to the state semifinals in his first season under helm.

Currently helping the basketball team try to reach the postseason, Severt has a football offer from SMU and has had looks from a few other schools, including Alabama, who took a look at him when the school was making the rounds earlier this month.

“He’s on everybody’s radar,” Allman said. “They’re interested in him. It’s that time of year now for colleges … Now that he has 15 games on film to look at and evaluate that process will speed up a bit now.”


  1. keith says:

    The Chap defense has a few good starters returning that should enable the “new” DC to continue the stellar performance that the 2012 team exhibited. I just hope they have some talent to replace the departing seniors that demonstrated that speed and execution can in-fact overcome the lack of weight and size. If Jordan Severt had started his sophmore year instead of being left on the JV, I feel he would already be considered a bluechip recruit as it took most of the 2012 season until he vastly improved his play. Hopefully he will have some great receivers to replace Box and Elliott as he should have another good O’line returning.

  2. VOR says:

    Keith dont worry about the defense – eight juniors and sophmores made large contributions on the defense during the playoff run and the JV defense was full of very good sophmores. Linebackers and db’s should be strong! Severt already is becoming a bluechip recruit if you read the article and are around the program at all. Elliott is a Junior and they have a very strong contigent of junior receivers coming back Lines, Latham, Rhodes, and Rollings will be used in the slot as he was in the playoffs. Again the JV had two very good sophmore recievers as well. Runnings backs will be as strong as ever. Skill positions on offense will be a strength next year. Get on board you might enjoy the ride.

  3. ChapFan1996 says:

    Little worried about H-Back. With Paape and Canter both gone I don’t know who plays there this year.

  4. keith says:

    VOR, Thanks for informing(me) us of the returning talent for next football season. To be considered a “bluechip” QB, a player must already have displayed remarkable talent and already has multiple top 25 BCS offers for his services and at this time he doesn’t. My point was had he been playing on the Varsity his sophmore year, he would have already been nationally known and rated a 4-5 star recruit prior to his upcoming varsity season. At this time, Rivals does not consider him a Bluechip but a good D1 prospect.Hopefully, during or after next season,he will have proved them wrong. I also think the Copa kid playing RT will be a rising star when the recruiters come to watch Severt.

  5. VOR says:

    Sorry Keith I forgot that Rivals was the Bible, – my point was with the colleges that now have him on their radar and as I said he is becoming that type of player. Of course maybe he wont get to that point since he hasnt reached the 25 plateau as you stated. Unfortunately Brees and Foles didnt make that coveted list either (Gilbert did and we all saw how that turned out). I understand your real point was another shot at the coaches since you feel he should have been playing his sophmore year. Maybe he should have who knows – but it was great to see him grow up this year and if he is has the type of year chap fans hope maybe he will find himself on one of those Rival Bible lists!

  6. different deal says:


    For certain, college offers are a great indication of how good a player is. After all, those guys get fired if they are wrong. A kid without a lot of offers can still be a very nice high school player, but not go on to the next level.

    Brees was not highly recruited because of two issues: 1. size, and 2. a devastating knee injury at a bad time near the end of his junior year. Combined, those factors dampened a lot of interest. And yes, he managed to put together a pretty decent career.

    Foles is a different story. He committed to Arizona State pretty early (May of his junior year) and many schools quit offering him. But Rivals had him listed as the #30 QB in the country; so we was for certain a Blue Chip talent. There are about 18,000 high school qb’s every year, so being in the top 100 is a pretty big deal.

    The way recruiting is going, it should be evident by May or June whether or not Severt is going to be that highly regarded.

    I saw every game this fall and think the kid is pretty good. Is he college good? Blue chip good? Maybe, we will know soon enough.

    He seems pretty good to me.

  7. New Dc says:

    The new defensive coordinator has been named: Coach Jason Jones

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