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Westlake was well represented when the District 15-5A awards were released earlier this week.
The Chaparrals, which made the state semifinals in the Class 5A Division II playoffs this season, landed 10 players on the first team, 12 on the second team and another nine that made honorable mention.
With four players on the first team offense, the Chaps tied for the most players represented with Austin High, while the six players on the defensive first team were the most of any school in the district.
District champion Lake Travis netted three of the big awards, with quarterback Baker Mayfield named District MVP, Hunter Streuling the Defensive MVP and Hank Carter coming in as district Coach of the Year. Del Valle running back Josh Cleveland was named Offensive MVP, while Bowie’s Steve Johnson was the Newcomer of the Year.
Quarterback Jordan Severt, running back Chris Canter, receiver Brandon Box and left tackle Judge Finley – the latter three all seniors – were named to the first team offense.
On the defensive side, senior nose guard Jacob Mansour, senior defensive end Anthony Patino, sophomore inside linebacker Hudson Hall, senior outside linebacker Carsten Hood, and safeties senior John Dodd and junior Jack Meredith all made the first team.
On the second team offense from Westlake are running back Keith Carter, receiver Patrick Elliott, tight end Zach Dansby, center Bobby Dwyer, right guard Taylor Works and punter Michael Barden.
The second team defensive Chaps are D-lineman Luke Womack and defensive end Justin Miller, inside linebacker Breckyn Hager, outside linebacker Alec Cohen and his twin brother, cornerback Derek Cohen along with Barden, who was named as a kicker, too.
Below are the honorable mention players for Westlake, with the full list of District 15-5A honorees below that.

2012 Football All-District 15-5A
District MVP Baker Mayfield Sr. Lake Travis
Offensive MVP Josh Cleveland Sr. Del Valle
Defensive MVP Hunter Streuling Sr. Lake Travis
Newcomer of the Year Steve Johnson So. Bowie

1st Team Offense
Quarterback Jordan Severt Jr. Westlake
Running Back Shaun Nixon Jr. Lake Travis
Running Back Chris Canter Sr. Westlake
Running Back Deryl Bunton Sr. Anderson
Running Back Quinta Goode Jr. Austin High
Wide Receiver Brandon Box Sr. Westlake
Wide Receiver Isaiah Jones Sr. Austin High
Wide Receiver John Subia Sr. Bowie
Wide Receiver Chris Campbell Sr. Del Valle
Wide Receiver Zach Joiner Sr. Lake Travis
Tight End Charles Schneider Sr. Austin High
Center Dominic Arocha Sr. Bowie
Offensive Guard Drake Rowland Sr. Lake Travis
Offensive Guard Rajab Rajab Jr. Anderson
Offensive Tackle Sam De LaRosa Jr. Del Valle
Offensive Tackle Judge Finley Sr. Westlake
Offensive Tackle Daniel Laden Jr. Austin High
Punter Caleb Garza Sr. Bowie

1st Team Defense
Defensive Line Brandon Quinterro Sr. Lake Travis
Defensive Line Jacob Mansour Sr. Westlake
Defensive Line Elijah Thompson Sr. Bowie
Defensive End Anthony Patino Sr. Westlake
Defensive End Elliott Carter Sr. Del Valle
Defensive End Connor Shannon Sr. Lake Travis
Inside Linebacker Ryan Taylor Sr. Bowie
Inside Linebacker Hudson Hall So. Westlake
Outside Linebacker Jason Disney Sr. Bowie
Outside Linebacker Jaydon Nichols Sr. Del Valle
Outside Linebacker Carsten Hood Sr. Westlake
Defensive Back Dontae Harris Sr. Bowie
Defensive Back Thomas Anderson Sr. Del Valle
Defensive Back Brock Kenyon Sr. Lake Travis
Defensive Back John Dodd Sr. Westlake
Defensive Back Jack Meredith Jr. Westlake
Kicker Kevin Marcotte Sr. Lake Travis
Return Specialist Isaiah Jones Sr. Austin High

Coach of the Year Hank Carter Lake Travis

2nd Team Offense
Quarterback Austin Eschenburg Jr. Bowie
Running Back Dominic Packer Jr. Lake Travis
Running Back Keith Carter Sr. Westlake
Running Back Quincy Reese Jr. Austin High
Wide Receiver Patrick Elliott Jr. Westlake
Wide Receiver Grant Foster So. Lake Travis
Wide Receiver Rakim Jackson Sr. Akins
Wide Receiver Blake Allen Jr. Anderson
Wide Receiver Trent Olson Sr. Bowie
Tight End Zach Dansby Jr. Westlake
Center Bobby Dwyer Jr. Westlake
Center Chance Williamson Sr. Del Valle
Offensive Guard Anthony Herrera So. Del Valle
Offensive Guard Taylor Works Sr. Westlake
Offensive Guard Ben Salazar Jr. Akins
Offensive Tackle Andrew Alvarado Jr. Bowie
Offensive Tackle Marquis Moses Sr. Anderson
Punter Michael Barden Sr. Westlake

2nd Team Defense
Defensive Line Zach Davies Jr. Lake Travis
Defensive Line Luke Womack Jr. Westlake
Defensive Line Robert Navejas Jr. Austin High
Defensive Line Wilfred Grear Sr. Del Valle
Defensive End Justin Miller Sr. Westlake
Defensive End Matt Jones Sr. Austin High
Defensive End Feno Pearson So. Lake Travis
Inside Linebacker Kelly McBride Sr. Del Valle
Inside Linebacker Luke Hutton Jr. Lake Travis
Inside Linebacker Breckyn Hager So. Westlake
Outside Linebacker Alek McCracken Sr. Austin High
Outside Linebacker Darius Bender Jr. Del Valle
Outside Linebacker Alec Cohen Sr. Westlake
Defensive Back Tyler Walker Jr. Bowie
Defensive Back Vincent Wilson Jr. Del Valle
Defensive Back Jacob Pate Sr. Lake Travis
Defensive Back Derek Cohen Sr. Westlake
Kicker Caleb Garza Sr. Bowie
Kicker Michael Barden Sr. Westlake
Return Specialist Deryl Bunton Sr. Anderson

Westlake honorable mention:
Jon Rhoads, Jr. Rec
Taylor Works, OL
Silas Connally, Jr. OL
Keith Carter, Sr., RB
Elliot Condos, Sr. RB
Will Copa, Jr. OL
Noah Thompson, Sr. LB
Canyon Manske, Sr., DB
Carson Spencer, Sr., DB


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    Coach Joseph is leaving for Texas A&M, hope coach allman can find a replacement that
    Comes even close to this man. Uncertanty for our so called “best class in years”

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