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Nursing a seven-point lead with time winding down and Plano West in Chaparral territory Saturday, Derek Cohen’s interception instantly sent the Westlake sidelines into a frenzy and sent the Chaps to a 42-35 win and on to the state semifinal game.
Westlake had a 42-28 lead with a little more than two minutes left to play, but Wolves quarterback Travis Korry burst into the end zone and Plano West followed that up by recovering the onside kick, giving them one more chance to tie the game.
It was the second interception of the game for Cohen, who also had a pick in the first quarter as Plano West was inside the red zone, and the Chaps had four takeaways in the win as John Dodd and Tate Shaw also had interceptions in the game.
Westlake will now play Cedar Hill in the state semifinals 2 p.m. Saturday back at Waco ISD Stadium, the Chaps third game this postseason at the stadium.
“I saw him throw the ball and I cut up and went for the ball, played chance and luckily, we came away with a win,” Cohen said. “We’re doing a fantastic job but I just want to talk about our offense. They helped us this game. We’ve been helping them out and they helped us now – we really needed it.”
A week after the defense carried the Chaps to a playoff win the offense came out and set a tone early, scoring on its first drive. After Plano West tied it 7-7, Westlake scored again and the Wolves never tied it again and never held a lead.
Keith Carter, Alex Chavez and Chris Canter worked over the Plano West defense but the push up front was the big story for Westlake as the offensive line played outstanding.
Carter had three scores and ran for 47 yards, Chavez had two touchdowns and 45 yards while Canter ran for 49 yards and had two catches for 55 yards.
Jordan Severt had time to operate as well, going 16-for-19 for 227 yards and a touchdown to a diving Patrick Elliott in the end zone that put Westlake up 21-7 in the second quarter.
“Our offensive line was the story of the game,” Westlake coach Darren Allman said. “It was a day where the defense had to keep fighting and find ways to make plays at the right time, which they did, but the game was won up front with our line and our ability to run the ball, control the clock, make first downs, keep their offense off the field and limit their possessions just enough for us to get out of here with a win.”
Brandon Box led the team with six catches for 96 yards, Elliott had 49 yards on five grabs and Sean Rollings added five carries for 29 yards and two catches for 28 yards.
“We knew they had a potent offense and we were going to have to match them, and I thought we came out and were pretty sharp,” Severt said. “I think that was huge to get the ball in five or six different playmakers hands. We got the ball in a lot of guys’ hands.”
Korry threw four interceptions for Plano West and was just 7-of-21 for 125 yards while running for 93 yards.
Auston Anderson had 169 yards rushing and Sotonye Jamabo added 67 yards on the ground, but again the opportunistic Chaps’ defense did its job and Westlake advances on, one win away from the state title game.

1Q       2Q       3Q       4Q       F

WL                  14        14        7          7          42

PW                  7          14        0          14        35

WL – Keith Carter 3 run (Michael Barden kick)
PW – Auston Anderson 25 run (Zakk Myer kick)
WL – Carter 1 run (Barden kick)

WL – Patrick Elliott 16 pass from Jordan Severt (Barden kick)
PW – Travis Korry 8 run (Myer kick)
WL – Alex Chavez 4 run (Barden kick)
PW – Korry 6 run (Myer kick)

WL – Carter 2 run (Barden kick)

PW – Korry 9 run (Myer kick)
WL – Chavez 4 run (Barden kick)
PW – Korry 25 run (Myer kick)

RUSHING: Plano West 51-334; Westlake 41-189
PASSING: Plano West 7-21-125 0-4; Westlake 16-19-227 1-0
FIRST DOWNS: Plano West 25; Westlake 23
PENALTIES: Plano West 4-40; Westlake 8-62
FUMBLES/LOST: Plano West 1/0; Westlake 2/1
PUNTS: Plano West 2-40.5; 2-41

Individual Stats
RUSHING: Plano West: Auston Anderson 18-169, Sotonye Jamabo 13-67, Travis Korry 18-93, Nick Casten 1-11, Austin Copeland 1-5; Westlake: Keith Carter 14-41, Alex Chavez 9-45, Chris Canter 3-49, Sean Rollings 7-39, Jordan Severt 8-19
PASSING: Plano West: Travis Korry 7-21-125 0-4; Westlake: Jordan Severt 17-20-249 1-0
RECEIVING: Plano West: Connor Doyle 4-94, Austin Copeland 1-10, Zac Gideo 1-10, Sotonye Jamabo 1-11; Westlake: Brandon Box 6-97, Patrick Elliott 5-51, Chris Canter 3-57, Sean Rollings 2-33, Josh Latham 1-11


TOTAL TACKLES: Jack Meredith 8, Carsten Hood 8, Alec Cohen 8, Michael Edwards 8, Derek Cohen 5, Brandon Irick 5, Hudson Hall 5, John Dodd 4, Breckyn Hager 4, Luke Womack 4, Jacob Mansour 3, Tate Shaw 3, Gabe Duran 2, Justin Miller 2, Anthony Patino 2, Bennett Huddleston 1

PRESSURES: Brandon Irick 2, Anthony Patino 2, Luke Womack 2, Jacob Mansour 1, Carsten Hood 1

SACKS: Alec Cohen 1, Brandon Irick 0.5, Michael Edwards 0.5

INTERCEPTIONS: Derek Cohen 2, John Dodd 1, Tate Shaw 1

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  1. Cheering Fan says:

    While I am so proud of our boys who played such an awesome game on Saturday. I had to wonder about our fan-base in the stands. When ever Plano would score or their team entered the field at half time, I noticed their fans would stand in respect and give such loud hearty cheers. Where was the cheer when our boys entered the field and scored? Oh yes, there were those light hand claps here and there but that was it….

    Our boy’s, coaches, team parents worked very hard to make it thus far, and it’s disrespectful not to acknowledge that when our team is on the field playing so hard. So when this team hit’s the semi finals let’s show some respect and class by giving a HEARTY cheer for those kids….

  2. Westlake Grad says:

    The game itself wasn’t nearly as close as the score indicates as Westlake led the entire game, and the refs kept some Plano West scoring drives alive. I doubt if Allman consents to using Waco officials against Cedar Hill. But props to the Chaparral offense AND defense for keeping us in this game against a very good offensive team.

  3. Real Fans Only says:

    Awesome team effort!! It is time for everybody to jump on the bandwagon and cheer these guys on. The power of positive thoughts may help make history for the whole district.

    Go Chaps!!!

  4. keith says:

    The offense was almost unstoppable and Severt had his best decision making and passing day that I’ve ever seen him;All his passes were accurate and he finally learned to just throw away the ball istead of taking a devestating sack. The defense got burned on some busted coverages(ala the LT game) but the INT’s helped offset those lapses and they showed good tackling all day. Not stopping the obvious 4th down fake punt conversion and losing the on-side kick at the end almost cost the Chaps, otherwise Cohen’s game ending INT wouldn’t have been needed. One more drive to Waco and then on to Big D!

  5. chestnut says:

    WOW this may not be the most talented team but there is not a team with more heart, better leadership and better coaching left in the playoffs. They are rolling. Great job players, coaches and coach Allman.

  6. Football Parent says:

    Congrats to Chaps players and coaches. Great win against a very good Plano West team. Good luck against Cedar Hill.

  7. Westlake Chap says:

    Cheering Fan- While I acknowledge that the Westlake fans were not as loud as Plano West at times, many of the players know that the loudest section is always the student section. I thought the student section was rocking the entire game and the team really fed off of the energy from the fans. The students have already started an organized effort to make the Semi Final game atmosphere much more electric. The students will be rocking when Westlake takes the field against Cedar Hill.

  8. Chaps'94 says:

    No stopping this team now. Confidence is at an all-time high. We will need both offense and defense clicking on all cylinders to win these next two games, but we can do it! Let’s get rid of this line that pops up in every article about Westlake: “Chaps have been to multiple state championship games, but have only won one…and it was with Drew Brees.” Time to show we can win one without Brees! Go Chaps

  9. Chaps'94 says:

    By the way, it looks like the Chaps and Coach Allman have won over “Keith”. That’s not easy to do…kind of like getting a compliment from Simon on American Idol. Congrats.

  10. Really says:

    Honestly, this season just shows everyone, westlake grad/fan or not, that nobody knows the true potentials and the true weaknesses better than the coaches and more importantly, the players. I guarantee you, that nobody on the stands could have guessed that a team starting 1-3 had even a chance to get this far. I’ll be the first to admit it too. I was pretty skeptical of the start of the season too. But it seems to me that the players have really united as one unit and are sending a “so what?” message to all the people who are betting against them. It’s not about “winning over” fans, parents, etc, but by ignoring what the public says and playing their absolute best every play. People think that the “Westlake tradition” is winning a certain percentage of games. But in truth, the westlake tradition is improving as the year goes on. Long, Schroeder, and Allman have followed that tradition, and it shows. No other team improves like westlake does, and that’s why westlake goes farther in the playoffs than other teams. Del Valle wasn’t any better their last game than they were their first. Same with bowie, Akins, Anderson, etc. Lake travis, southlake, Katy, Cibolo, Westlake, are all teams that are better later in the year. THat’s why Todd dodge did so well at Southlake and not at North Texas and Marble Falls. The players did not improve as the year goes on, so their seasons were inconsistent and eventually failed. Southlake’s players were intent on improving, and it showed. We all need to stop arguing over personal battles and just show true support for the team.

  11. just a game says:

    It’s not who wins or loses; it’s how you play the game. And it’s important to remember: it’s just a game.

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