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Dear Editor:

It was a true privilege and an honor to be principal for the past nine years at West Ridge Middle School. I have been in education for 31 years and have never worked with a more student-centered, loyal, hard-working and talented staff. WRMS has exceptional educators and are the reason why our school was ranked as among the state’s best for the past several years.

Our WRMS special education staff was second to none, and the attention we paid to those students that were at-risk was ranked among the best in Central Texas. We built a school that was safe and had one of the best anti-bullying programs in the area. Parents certainly want a strong rigorous yet developmentally appropriate curriculum for their children that we provided at WRMS. Just as important, they want to send their children where the staff and teachers truly care about them, set the academic bar high and provide various programs that teach the whole child. The parent community is highly involved and supportive of our school and all that we do for their children. WRMS has that perfect recipe and balance for success.

My hope is that the new WRMS administration realizes and celebrates the immense talents and gifts that each of you as a staff provide the students at WRMS. I hope they will provide you with the tools that will allow you to do your job without being micro-managed.

Although I would have desired to end my career at WRMS around all of you and the WRMS community, I must now move on for my family, my spirit and myself. I am thankful for Dr. John Carter and all the wonderful Westlake High School staff that has welcomed me and is making my transition to the high school a good one.

Thank you teachers, aides, counselors, secretaries and support staff for the difference you make at WRMS. You are WRMS and will no doubt lead and carry out that WRMS spirit we created together the past decade. I wish you all the very best this school year and for the rest of your careers in education. Always treat each other right, with dignity and respect, and in an honest, genuine and truthful way. That is the Wildcat Way.

Karl Waggoner

WRMS former principal
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  1. frustrated in EISD says:

    Mr. Waggoner is a total class act. We need MORE Principals like that in Eanes ISD not less! I am a Hill Country parent and am just amazed at Dr. Wellman’s total lack of ability to recognize talent when she sees it. Hit the road Wellman but put him back where he belongs first! I’ll be voting against all board members that support that woman the next election-anyone agree with me?

  2. Yes I agree says:

    Wellman has been a big problem for this district since she arrived in 2004.

    I am proud of Waggoner for standing up for his rights and therefore, the rights of district staff, families and students.

  3. Time to wake up says:

    Reading Karl tout, “We had one of the best anti-bullying programs in the area” made me physically sick… watching my children come home from school with holes in their jeans and cuts on the palms of their hands from being shoved down on the track repeatedly; and knowing firsthand that a student stood watch at a restroom door while 2 other students physically bullied a child is unacceptable, even more so when the administration knows about it and turns a blind eye. Time to wake up.

  4. Eventually they will get the message says:

    Ok folks, once last time…..Wellman is in charge ( for 9yrs), the Board supports her and a few malcontents do not change opinion. Staff can be shifted at any time, for any reason. That is the biz of district not the parents. The last Board election settled any issues regarding Wellman. She can stay as long as she wants too

    Time to move on

  5. really???? says:

    I am so sorry that your child was bullied but do you REALLY think that the WRMS administration would “turn a blind eye” on any child that was being physically hurt like that? The Mr. Waggoner and AP’s that I know would do everything they could to stop that. I do know for a fact that 5 families transferred their children over to West Ridge last year because of all the bullying at Hill Country. Bullying is a terrible thing and is prevalent in ALL schools. West Ridge overall did the best job of any school I know thanks to Mr. Waggoner and his staff!

  6. Yes we get to vote says:

    Yes, really. There were many West Ridge families who’s requests for help were ignored. Families certainly left West Ridge because of bullying, among other reasons. There were so many issues, big and small, that were simply ignored by the previous WR administration. Unless you were among Waggoner’s favorites. Those of you who had every whim appeased need to realize that West Ridge did not operate that way for the majority of the families.

  7. bullying is a long-time problem in eanes says:

    The administration has turned a blind eye to bullying for a very long time. Several years ago my then first grade child was held against the bathroom wall by a much larger, older student whom the district knew was could be violent. Thankfully, my child’s teacher recognized that he had been gone too long and found him in the bathroom being held by the older student and of course, terrified.

  8. bullying is a long-time problem in eanes says:

    To clarify, the district administration has turned a blind eye … k-12.

  9. Say No to Nola. says:

    #4 you can “move on” if you don’t want to read opinions that differ from your own. There are more than a “few” who disagree with Nola which is why her first proposed bond went down in defeat.

  10. Yes to Nola says:

    The fact one bond election didn’t make it is indicative of how responsive Nola and the Board are. The Board election and subsequent bond election was approved overwhelming and the Board has been in consensus since then.

    For any supt to survive 9 years, soon to be 10, shows that Nola has what it takes to be a superintendent in Eanes. There a “few” that disagree but “few”is correct term.

    Amy principal serves at the supt’s behest and can be moved at any time. Wealth, influence, or zip code may have input but are no longer controlling within the District, even at WRMS.

  11. Fired says:

    No the proposed bond is indicative of how out of touch Nola and the board were with the community. After the fact, they admitted that. They were forced to be “responsive” when the bond failed.

    A board incumbent was booted out too. That is probably a first in this district.

    If Nola were on the ballot, she’d be fired by this community too.

  12. No to Nola says:

    The first proposed bond that Nola was pushing was so out of touch with reality and was so presumptuous with our valued EISD community dollars. It was a resume builder for her and was not in the best interest of either the school district or the students. SHE WILL SAY IT WAS but the truth is she only has HER best interests ever in mind. Time for her to be fired by this community and to go back to West Tx!

  13. reality check says:

    Talk about out of touch with reality—if Nola thinks that it’s only a “few” people that are not happy with her performance in Eanes, how she treats valued staff like Mr. Waggoner, and how she irresponsibly spends our tax dollars then she needs to return back to earth-or maybe just stay out there!

  14. Karl-YOU ARE MISSED at WRMS!! says:

    Karl-I want you to know that the majority of parents and teachers REALLY miss your special leadership at West Ridge! The school climate is not at all the same and my children and all their friends say that they never sees the new principal around school. When they do, he never interacts with them-he knows they don’t like him because he is not you! You were friendly, were positive, knew the students names, were involved in the school, and supported your teachers. Your vision for West Ridge with curriculum and instruction was spot on, logical, relevant and smart. The iPad debacle is one example and you were totally correct om that initiative. Class sets only and not an individual iPad for ALL students to take home and play on-ridiculous at the middle school level. West Ridge was once a very special place that we were very proud of. Those days are long gone now! Keep you head up Karl-you deserve so much better than working for the district’s poor leadership!

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