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By Kyle Gregory

Contributing Writer

Westlake volleyball maintained its position as the lone undefeated team in District 15-5A play with a 25-10, 25-3, 25-10 victory over Akins Friday, Oct. 5.

“This game is important for team morale,” Westlake coach Al Bennett said. “We executed and did the things we wanted to offensively. We had certain goals that we wanted to accomplish, and, other than some missed serves, we met them.”

From the outset, Westlake’s (18-19, 7-0) methodical attack was too much for Akins. The Chaps played solid defense throughout the first game, not being overly aggressive on offense and allowing Akins to beat themselves with costly errors. Once the game was securely in hand, Westlake opened it up some offensively, with Corinne Grandcolas and Katie Daffer delivering some pinpoint strikes.

“We eliminated errors and took care of the ball on our side,” Cristie Ingram said. “When you do that, it’s a good outcome.”

After probing for weaknesses in Akins’ defense toward the end of the first game, Westlake attacked relentlessly in the second. Setter Kinsey Leavitt and outside hitter Amelia Mouw seemed unstoppable, as the duo (who led the team in assists and kills, respectively) combined to overwhelm a tired Akins team.

“Offensively, we did everything we wanted to do. We played virtually flawless in the second game,” Bennett said.

The Lady Chaps slowed their breakneck pace in the third game, as Bennett experimented with different formations.

Even with this added wrinkle, the Chaps kept up their high level of play and matched their performance from the first game.

“I thought we played really well together,” Elizabeth Dewey said. “When you throw in a new lineup, it can get awkward; but I think we kept our level and our technique.”

Mouw finished with 11 kills while her offensive partner, Leavitt, had 12 assists and four aces. Dewey and Michelle Irvin both contributed five digs, with Irvin chipping in four aces as well. Grandcolas led the team with four blocks.

The victory sets the stage for a huge district showdown next week, as the Chaps travel to Lake Travis to face the Lady Cavs.

The Chaps handed Lake Travis their only district loss earlier in the year in September. The two face off on Tuesday, Oct. 9 at 6:30 p.m.

“We’ve never had a huge crowd against us this year yet,” Dewey said. “It’ll be fun just to get pumped up by them. I think it will be a really fun game.”

The Chaps lost 25-17, 25-22, 25-16 to the top-ranked team in Class 5A, SA Reagan on Oct. 2.

Westlake was able to battle with the TGCA No. 1 ranked squad, but the Chaps are still a step away from contending with the pinnacle of the class.

Grace Weghorst led the team with nine kills and 13 digs, Daffer had eight kills. Madison Borowski led the team with 15 assists and Molly Smith added 14, while Ingram led the Chaps with 16 digs.


Season leaders


Grace Weghorst        271

Corinne Grandcolas  212

Katie Daffer               137

Amelia Mouw             131


Madison Borowski    449

Molly Smith                306

Kinsey Leavitt            152

Cristie Ingram            44


Katie Daffer               86

AC Parrish                  61

Corinne Grandcolas  46

Kat Turman               34

McKenzie Fell                        33

Grace Weghorst        31

Jesse Turner              29

Cristie Ingram            411

Grace Weghorst        245

Madison Borowski    157

Corinne Grandcolas  142

Meagan Mullenbruch 118

Kat Turman               99


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