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With its district challenger hosting the biggest team tennis match of the season so far, Westlake was on the verge of a win but couldn’t quite get past budding rival Lake Travis on Sept. 27.
Lake Travis held an important edge after doubles play, taking a 5-2 lead before singles play started, putting the Chaparrals in too big a hole to overcome.
By virtue of the loss, should Westlake and Lake Travis meet in the district championship as is largely expected, Lake Travis will hold the home-court advantage.
The loss marks the first of the season for Westlake, now 14-1, with two more matches to go before the district tournament.
Westlake will host Austin High at 4 p.m. Thursday, then hosts Clear Lake at 10 a.m. Saturday, with the district tourney scheduled for Oct. 9-12.

Lake Travis 10, Westlake 7
Italics – Westlake win
Boys doubles
Tristan Wise/Nick Ruzicka d. Nemo Niess / Charles Tan
Adam Dokos /BG Slay d. Sam Bell/Julian Sweeney
Erik Kerrigan /Tyler Wilkie d. Clayton Jones/Elliot Lebovitz

Girls doubles
Ryan Brown/Courtney Schulte d. Meredith Hopson/ Casey Sutton
Remi Immler/Carli Knezevich d. Fernanda Contreras /Allie Carlisle
Megan Hahn/Ali Young d. Bailey Meyer/Emily Cotton

Mixed doubles
Jacqueline Patterson/ Ian Kocher d. Davis Meyer/Raven Hampton

Boys singles
Nemo Niess d. Tristan Wise
Charles Tan d. Adam Dokos
Nick Ruzicka Sam Bell
Erik Kerrigan d. Ian Kocher
Julian Sweeney d. BG Slay
Tyler Wilkie d. Brett Denkler

Girls singles
Meredith Hopson d. Ryan Brown
Fernanda Contreras d. Carli Knezevich
Remi Immler d. Jacqueline Patterson
Courtney Schulte d. Ali Young

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