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Dear Editor:
As the final rays of summer sun dance from the sky, I write this letter of thanks. I truly thank the Westlake Picayune, its writer Esther Robards-Forbes and the community of Westlake and Austin for being part of the Moving Difference project. It has been an amazing summer, one hour at a time making a difference all heading toward the last sunset of this summer.
The entire idea of the Moving Difference project was born in Westlake. The “ah-ha” inspiration that was scribbled on a napkin at Taco Deli this spring seems so long ago after this busy summer. Like many great ideas, it started locally and grew to be embraced by people all over the world.
Westlake residents gave the Moving Difference project the spirit to be a national movement. Out of the thousands of hours that were served as part of the Moving Difference project this summer; I will always have a special joy for those done here. The people that I have met, the hours that I have logged along side volunteers, the emails of achievement and questions, calls of excitement and the wonderful sense of community; that is why I love this community and world so.
I close this letter as the sky fades into a curtain of twinkling stars. I humbly know that for each star that I see tonight, I will be forever thankful to this community, this world and the people in it that did the Moving Difference project this summer.
Thank you once again.
Jeny Crouch
Barton Skyway
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