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Additional fire hydrants key to area’s protection in the event of wildfire

Dear Editor:

I lost property in the Bastrop county wildfire. So I made a survey of wildfire threats to Rollingwood where I live.

If a wildfire comes to Rollingwood, it will probably come from a wild part of Zilker Park. Rollingwood homes on Vale Street back up to the brushy wildwood on the east side of Clubhouse Road that runs from Rollingwood Drive to the Zilker Park Clubhouse.

The city of Austin has no fire hydrant along this narrow Clubhouse Road that travels through woods filled with cedar trees and dead underbrush. And Rollingwood has only one fire hydrant on Bettis Boulevard capable of reaching this dangerous area. I brought this to the attention of the Rollingwood City Council at one of its meetings.

Another wildfire threat exists between Dellana Lane and the Park Hills Baptist Church, which is located at MoPac and Bee Cave Road.  Part of this brushy woodland is in Zilker Park and the other part is in Rollingwood. The city of Austin has no fire hydrant serving this area, and Rollingwood has only one fire hydrant about 1,800 feet away from the church building, far beyond the reach of a fire truck hose. The church has its own well that would be useless in case of a wildfire.

The cities of Rollingwood and Austin need to work together on a wildfire plan.

John Lindell

Rollingwood Drive


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